WhatsApp, Doc?

A woman has actually injured herself after using WhatsApp on her phone for six hours. Her doctor diagnosed her with a case of “WhatsAppitis,” which is a condition of sore wrists suffered after excessively using the WhatsApp text message service. It’s thought she’s the first to suffer form it, but she won’t be the last. Here are some other ‘diseases’ that might be on the way thanks to our social network addictions:
• The Twitches – The feeling that you cannot sit through an event without compulsively tweeting about it.
• Instagramorexia – A phenomenon where you can’t eat your food until you post the photo.
• Obsessive Refresh Disorder – The compulsive urge to refresh your Gmail.
• SiDS (Sudden iPhone Death Syndrome) – A disease associated with people who believe they charged their phones … but did not actually charge their phones.
• ADCCD (Attention Directed to Candy Crush Disorder) – An inability to focus on anything that is not Candy Crush. (TheDateReport)

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