Sharknado’s BACK

SharknadoPoster_2616393bYou can be in the sequel to the SYFY movie, “Sharknado”. Producers say they’re trying to raise $50-thousand dollars for a bonus scene that would include “chainsaws being used in the vicinity of sharks.” So they’ve decided to finance that scene through the website, IndieGoGo, and among the things your money can buy are:
–For $45, they’ll name a shark that appears in the movie after you.
–If you fork over $120 bucks, they’ll record your scream and use it in a scene
–$5,000 bucks gets you a walk-on with either a death scene or a heroic scene
“Sharknado 2,” will be out July 31. Just when you thought it was safe to turn SyFy back on.
(Actually, it’s never been safe.)

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