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Movie Reviews With The KORN Morning Show: “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Every week Robb, Joanna, Kirstin and Canary Keri hang out at Canary Creek Cinemas to see a new movie and then review it here for YOU on KORNCountry.com!

This week:

Light years from Earth, 26 years after being abducted Peter Quill finds himself the prime target of a manhunt after discovering an orb wanted by Ronan the Accuser.

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Robb’s Review   4 of 5

Joanna will hate me for this, but I wasn’t as thrilled by it as she was.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s good, just not life-changing for me.  There’s a scene at the very beginning with some TERRIBLE makeup — in a mega-million-dollar feature film — that threw me off.  That said, it was much funnier than I expected, especially Bradley Cooper as Rocket.  Even though he only speaks a total of five different words in the entire movie, Vin Diesel has the most touching line of dialogue.  In the end, it’s big-screen, summer, blockbuster fun, which is exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Canary Keri’s Review 4 of 5

I really enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy. I loved the characters, especially Groot and Rocket! I think that it had a great story line and I love how the unlikely group came together. This movie is funny, touching and action packed all wrapped up in one great feature. This is a great movie for all ages, a definite must see to add to your end of summer to do list!

Joanna’s Review    5 0f 5

You will laugh, then you will cry. Then you will laugh lots more, shortly followed by more crying. But don’t worry, you will laugh even more after that! At least, that was my experience. This movie is perfection. If you’ve read other reviews that say this may be the best Marvel movie to date, believe them! The cast’s performances are unbelievably perfect, the story is meaningful, the MUSIC! and James Gunn, director of the film, is just a genius. Go see this movie ASAP, if you haven’t already seen it 83 times!  Also…Chris Pratt. 😉

Kirstin’s Review 5 0f 5

I absolutely loved it. Rocket Raccoon is one of the coolest characters I’ve ever seen on the big screen! Every character was likable and funny in their own way. The cinematography and special effects were first class. The acting was fantastic. The soundtrack was awesome and beautifully tied into the story. I’m a sucker for Marvel and superhero movies, and even competing with The Avengers and The Amazing Spider-Man, this is my most favorite yet! Seriously, I think Guardians Of the Galaxy is one of the best movies of 2014. I’m planning on going to see it again…

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