Freedom Jam

freedom jam

KORN Country gets to showcase local and up-and-coming musicians on the KORN Jam and now it’s time to throw in the family fun that comes along with the Greenwood Freedom Festival!

The FREEDOM JAM is back!

Starting at 2pm on the KORN Country Stage at this year’s festival, we’ll host acts from South Central Indiana to compete for the chance to join the line up at the Amphitheater main stage next year! There’s an opportunity for any kind of musical act and something for every kind of music fan. Combine summer and live music to make them even better with the FREEDOM JAM!

If you are part of a local act that wants to play for thousands of brand new fans, check back here soon for the link to the entry form!

 Congrats to the 2016 Freedom Jam Winner, Savannah Lynne!


Look for her on the Amphitheater Stage at this year’s Greenwood Freedom Festival!

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